viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Cuban revolution commander dies

The Commander of the Cuban revolution, Huber Matos died.

He was 95 years old and was with Fidel Castro at the entrance to Havana in 1959. He then departed from the Government, and he was condemned to 20 years in prison for sedition. He was exiled in the United States and became a benchmark opponent.

Huber Matos, one of the historical leaders of the revolution led by Fidel Castro in Cuba, died today in Miami, as he informed his family.

Matos, of 95 years, was next to Castro in the 1959 Revolution, but, disillusioned with the Communist derives from the new Government, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sedition. To serve his sentence he was exiled in Costa Rica and then to Miami, where he died today of a heart attack, said the family.

"Huber Matos died in the early hours of February 27 in Miami. The 25th had entered at Kendall Regional Hospital where he was diagnosed  a massive heart attack. Day 26 asked that they withdraw the team that helped him breathe, because I wanted to say goodbye to his wife María Luisa Araluce and their children and grandchildren", reads the statement of the family.

"Her last words were 'Viva Cuba Libre fight continues!', the son and grandson of Matos, who signed the communiqué of the family through the independent Cuba movement added

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The Indo-US decision has already been 3 days

Reverse gear. Again, the situation in Lugano returned to zero. Yesterday, after having accepted late Wednesday an agreement to lift the socket, delegates from 300 families carrying three days occupying the ground of Pola, and Fernández de la Cruz on one of the edges of the Villa 20, decided to dismiss it and return to claim so they give them homes. The agreement, which was signed with the judge Gabriel Vega, conditioned that they should take in Exchange for being registered and also included in social plans. But the Census did not work. Just 250 people left his name on a list.

"We will not go if they do not give us a clear solution," said Emanuel Díaz, one of the delegates who serves as a spokesman yesterday. However, her voice does not represent everyone. Because one of the problems to solve the outlet it is the large number of references that claim to represent different groups. Some are more radical and were, according to judicial sources, that made the agreement fall and stall the negotiations.

The deal was to begin to leave voluntarily and peaceful in the early morning. And for that it had become as time limit six o'clock in the morning, said prosecutor Carlos Rolero. But at that time only a small group.

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Minecraft could have a film adaptation

Minecraft could have a hands of Warner Bros. film adaptation. At the moment they are at the stage of trying to achieve an agreement between the parties.

Notch, the alias of Markus Persson, has spoken through his account Twitter about the rumored possibility of that Warner Bros. end up leading to the cinema Minecraft, the work magna of Mojang.

"Someone is trying to filter out the fact that we are working with Warner Brothers for a potential film of Minecraft. I want to be who filter it! ",

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

For macrismo, the container "classrooms are comfortable

Education Undersecretary of Buenos Aires, Carlos Regazzoni said this morning that classrooms controversial containers that will install the City Government in schools to address the lack of vacancies are "safe and comfortable".

For macrismo, the container "classrooms are comfortable
The official explained that the modular buildings, the parents of the kids and teachers unions oppose, consist with 45 m2 and can accommodate up to 22 students. "They fulfill all that is required," he said Regazzoni in communication with the website. They also have climate and acoustic insulation, air conditioning and safety glass, he said.
This morning on the protest made ​​parents of the Kindergarten No. 7 "Yellow House" in the neighborhood of La Boca by container classrooms, a man complained that these buildings do not have bathrooms and exemplified by a case in which the health is closer than 45 meters.
In this regard, Regazzoni held that the containers will be located a few meters from the bathrooms. "They are classrooms for children 4 and 5 years, with potty training," he said.
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Rooney is close to signing a new contract

Rooney is close to signing a new contract
England striker would stay at Manchester United and sign a new contract with the Red Devils. Moyes plans and a significant wage increase, motivate.
After much speculation about his future, Wayne Rooney seems to have taken the decision to sign a new contract with Manchester United. The striker, who is sought by Chelsea and contract ending in June 2015, extended its relationship with the Red Devils for five and a half years.
Rooney, who seems set to call for Roy Hodgson for the World Cup in Brazil, have some key reasons to stay in Manchester, such as increasing your salary and ideas that David Moyes has to strengthen the team, then for the player This was also crucial.
Regarding the salary front, 28, is known to be currently one of the top earning players in the squad, but regardless of this, the new contract would establish a club record signing, as their income would increase from $ 334,000 week, almost half a million.
And in addition to salary, the player was also helped by the coaching change, because with the arrival of Moyes beyond regain a central place at the heart of the team, they also agreed that it was essential to the arrival of new players to improve level, making it clear that the football part is also important to him.
Therefore, from these agreements and some other things that still seems to be negotiating, it seems that Rooney would stay and its nearest future, rather than Stamford Bridge, remains at the Theatre of Dreams.
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Bermúdez Boca criticized: "It is no team spirit"

The 'pattern' Bermudez, very hard with the level of Mouth: "It's a team with no fighting spirit and did not find answers Bianchi"
Jorge Bermudez, a defender with glorious past in the institution and "metal" idol intact, used a speech littered with reviews to refer to the reality of the team. "It is puzzling and frustrating what happens, but in a predictable way," he said. Moreover, he insisted the "weakness" to the adverse moments

Bermúdez Boca criticized: "It is no team spirit"
When a large team not to accumulate negative, it often happens that some idol, with glorious past and winning, it goes out against current players. It happens in River with Norberto Alonso, Ricardo Bochini in Independent or San Lorenzo Francisco Sanfilippo. This time, Jorge Bermudez opened his Twitter account and 'hit' by the level of Boca.
"It's a team with no fighting spirit, adversity and the collapses not find answers Bianchi players who seem not to understand," he said in 140 characters former central analytical and critical marker while in the midst of crisis footballing institution which made me happy. Also, stay away from spontaneous vision, and interacted with others expanded its review.
"The reality of Boca frustrating and confusing but somehow is predictable, no operation and the team only raises questions," he continued with his words, putting into question the coach's job during the week and consequences in games . In fact, the "Xeneize" just tied with Newell's on debut yesterday and fell against Belgrano.
Beyond the football shortcomings point to the "Pattern" was allowed to make clear that the problems also have their origin in the head of the winningest led by DT. "The same mistakes a year ago is shown, the team is very disoriented and weak in adversity," he said.
Finally, he warned that "we need a sense of belonging and decisions without interest" (a "stick" to the leadership?) And closed his opinion by adding that "the hierarchy of a team's imposing players in the field and this group lacks that distinction. "
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lunes, 10 de febrero de 2014

Capitanich: On restriction to dollars

The chief of staff neither confirmed nor denied a new formula for the purchase of foreign currency for savings.

formula is published by the agency. This clarification will publish the them. Clarify that the AFIP. "So the cabinet chief Jorge Capitanich responded to a consultation on the restriction on the purchase of dollars that would have implemented the Federal Public Revenue Agency.

As reported in the daily La Nación, AFIP "he said in February arbitrarily limits that apply to the purchase of dollars, whether for a few monotributistas and employees as employees, as was confirmed with different savers THE NATION".

"According to the formula that had spread the economic team at the time, labor, and banked monotributistas freelancers who have at least a monthly income of 7200 pesos could buy dollars at the official exchange for the equivalent of 20% of their income. If retire airline must pay 20% surcharge on account of income tax. they are exempted from paying this amount if they leave the dollars deposited in an account, "says the paper.

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